Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Your child is over weight, what do you do?

By Steve VanWilliams
Your child is over weight, what do you do? Children follow by example. If YOU are overweight, out of shape, lethargic, chance are your kids will be to. So take charge and take care of yourself. Set a great example. If YOU are overweight get to it. As far as our children encourage them! A few minutes here and there of play adds up! The same goes for you! Children (and adults) need exercise EVERYDAY. Don’t  be easy on your self or your kids.  We live in such a politcally correct world these days, we never want to OFFEND people. GARBAGE!  To many people are excepting of being a “few” pounds overweight! Don’t kid your-self! (No pun intended) If you are fat, YOU ARE FAT! Look in the mirror. A few pounds means just that. 1 -5lbs.  But 10, 20 , 30+, YOU ARE FAT! Its not healthy and do except being less than you really can be. Everyone wants the best for their children, so be your best as well. IT WILL HELP THEM.

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