Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Don't let anyone steal your energy!

By Steve VanWilliams
We are all energy. Energy is all around us. Energy is us. We are matter. Stored energy. We are a vibration. We are in constant motion even when we are at rest. Spiritual, mental and physical we strive daily to obtain more and more energy. That is why people fight, argue or create havoc in your life. OR vice versa. Energy cannot be created. It is just changed or transferred. It never goes away. When a person gets close to you, disrupts your life, makes you feel bad, hurts you, harms you, they are trying to steal your energy. How many times have you argued and fought with some one so bad that when you walked away you felt recharged? or you felt so “drained”? The winner or transfer of energy feels great, while the one who looses feels drained. This does not mean anything about the subject matter, you could win the fight so to speak but loose your energy. So inevitable, subconsciously you really lost while you won. When someone starts a confrontation, yelling screaming and you do not rise, what happens? The person most often will settle down once they cannot get a rise out of you... IE.. you take their energy! How many times have you seen this? I used to get it bouncing at clubs nightly.. A guy / girl would come up for what ever reason screaming, yelling, I will kick your ass, blah blah.. and by remaining absolutely calm, cool, collected not letting my pulse rise one beat, the aggressor 99.9% of the time after a few minutes, calmed down and walked away. I felt great!! “Don’t let any one steal your energy”!

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