Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Six Pack Abs And Your Diet

By Lisa & Steve VanWilliams

Everyone has a six pack, it's just hiding! It takes more than sit ups and crunches to get there. The old saying goes "abs are made in the kitchen" and the food you eat plays a major role in how your body responds.

Help boost your metabolism by eating high quality lean protein, fat in moderation, and try to keep it low carb to maintain hunger levels.  You have to burn more than you take in so watch your calories. Also, watch your alcohol intake because booze impairs your ability to burn fat. Some other factors to consider are sodium intake, sleep, and drinking lots of water.

Fitness Magazine listed the 10 best foods for flat abs:

  • eggs
  • almonds
  • soy
  • apples
  • berries
  • leafy greens
  • yogurt
  • salmon
  • quinoa
  • veggie soup

Your ab muscles and the muscles in your back make up your core muscles which help keep the body balanced and stable.  These muscles protect your spine and help prevent injury. 

So keep in mind, it's not just the exercises your doing, it's what your putting in your mouth too.

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