Monday, November 28, 2016

Pinrose Scents

Review by Lisa VanWilliams
If you are looking for a great Hostess gift for the Holiday season, look no further! Pinrose is a luxury fragrance brand that offers 12 different scents and you can get them in a candle, a rollerball, a 30ml Eau de Parfum, or get some petal packs for on the run single dose applications.  They work with Master Perfumers from around the world to create unique pieces of wearable scented art. You can even personalize the bottle and put a picture on it. Get your BFF that bottle of Wild Child and slap her picture right on front. You can find the brand a Sephora locations, or you can order online here:

Pinrose was kind enough to send me Campfire Rebel to check out for myself. This is a 9 ounce natural (lead free) burning wick, that offers 90 hours of burn time. Each candle includes a matching petal pack single use perfume in the same scent. The candles are $45 each. Campfire Rebel is a spicy mix of burning oud wood,vanilla bourbon, and vetiver. It was crafted by Master Perfumer, David Apel. It smells outdoorsy and musky, and goes great competing with a roaring fireplace. It comes beautifully packaged and you can tell right away it's a quality product. I would recommend the brand for yourself or as a gift.

All products are phthalate free, paraben, cruelty, and gluten free.

They also offer a great Rollerball Giftset for $60 that includes 3ml glass rollerballs of Pinrose's signature scents:

  • Secret Genius - Madagascan vanillla, caramel, sandalwood
  • Treehouse Royal - Fig, jasmine, moss
  • Gilded Fox - Cocoa, rum, vetiver
  • Wild Child - Gardenia, jasmine, plumeria
  • Tambourine Dreamer - Ylang ylang, lily of the valley, white musk
  • Cuddle Punk - Apricot, vanilla, cypress
  • Merry Maker - Nectarine, Plum, tonka bean
  • Pillowtalk Poet - Powder, amber, musk
  • Moonlight Gypsy - Cardamon, orange blossom, sandalwood
  • Garden Gangster - Lime, bergamot, mandarin
  • Campfire Rebel - Whisky, burning oud wood, vetiver
  • Pinrose - Rose, clove, leather

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Commodity Cocktail Fragrance Kit

Review by Lisa VanWilliams

I am loving this Cocktail Kit from Commodity that goes for $26. You can wear them the way they are or mix it up. This morning, mommy went for the Old Fashioned, and I'm wearing Whiskey with a splash of Mimosa..a spicy citrus blend and it smells great. 

Morning Fog Mixture

Commodity was kind enough to send me the Cocktail Kit to check out for the Holidays. It has all 10 of Commodity's premium eau de parfum unisex fragrances and it makes the perfect gift or travel package. The five black collections are complex, moody, and intense. The five white collection fragrances are bright, airy, and easy. The fragrances are designed to be layered with one another to create your own tailored signature scent. You can find the brand at most Sephora locations in Connecticut. 100ml bottles go for $105 each, or they have 10ml spritzer bottles for $26 each. No animal testing, paraben free, sustainably sourced. 

This is the perfect compilation of scents for Winter and worth checking out.

To find out more about Commodity or order online, please go to:

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Juice Organics - Haircare

Review by Lisa VanWilliams
Protect against color fade with this great line of luxurious and affordable organic shampoos and conditioners. Cruelty free and chemical free to do the best for you and your planet. The set goes for $22 and you can find the brand at most Target and Ulta locations in Connecticut. You can check the store locator for your local area.

Figs are said to be rich in vitamins and nutrients, plus they can help add moisturizer and vibrancy to the appearance of color treated hair. Juice Organics sent me the Color Protect Shampoo and Conditioner in Fig to check out for myself. It smells great and the shampoo has a really nice lather to it (I have thick shoulder length hair). The conditioner has a nice thick consistency and it rinses out nicely. Overall, I like the products and I would recommend the brand. Some organic hair care can be runny and it does not lather as well, but this works great.

Juice Organics also carries a Repairing (Coconut and Soy Protein), Volumizing (Passion Fruit and Barley Protein), Smoothing (Pomegranate and Shea Butter) , & Brightening (Citrus and Aloe Juices) set depending on your hair care needs. It's nice to keep two sets on hand to alternate every now and then, depending on how your hair and the weather are acting.

To find out more about the company, or to order online, please go to:

Monday, November 14, 2016

John Masters Organics Roll-On Fragrances

Review by Lisa VanWilliams

Here are some great smelling organic roll-on fragrances that are the perfect size for any purse or wristlet. The fragrances are 100% USDA certified organic and they go for $22 each.

Three scents are available:

Fresh Floral - The bouquet of florals combine to create a light, vibrant aroma to uplift your senses. This is a sweet, fresh scent that is infused with clary sage, rose, lavender, and geranium essential oils. A splash of orange and neroli notes add brightness, while hints of rosemary and mint round out this flirty fragrance.

Sparkling Citrus - this is a crisp, clean citrus with effervescent fragrance blended to revive the senses. Litsea cubeba, wild-forest petigrain and lyang lyang provide a bright, citrus base, with hints of rose and palmarosa that bring fullness to this lively scent.

Sultry Spice - a blend of sensual spices to create an alluring scent. The rich, amber aroma of bourbon vanilla is complemented by a careful mixture of orange, neroli, and wild-forest petitgrain, with cypress and turmeric to add a zesty twist to this exotically earthly fragrance.

They were kind enough to send me the new scents over to check out for myself. The Sparkling Citrus and Sultry Spice are my favorites but it's all a matter of preference and mood. Try to let the oils dry as much as you can before putting on clothing because it can rub off. These would also make a great stocking stuffer.

You can find out more about John Masters, and order online here:

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Believe Organics

Review by Lisa VanWilliams
Sometimes the changing of the seasons is a good time change up your skin care regime. Extreme variations in weather changes can call for extra moisturizer. Right now, I have been using Believe Organics which is an all natural organic skincare line and they a carry nontoxic, cruelty free, skincare system.

It's a 3-step skincare ($39.99) set that has:
Cleansing Caviar - this is a clay based gentle cleanser and light exfoliation to detoxify.
Clarifying Toner - is a light mist to tighten pores, refresh and soften the skin.
Facial Elixir - organic oils to help balance the skin, that's delicately scented with floral and citrus notes.

The set has ingredients in it like: essential oils of lavender, rose absolute, tea tree, thyme, neroli and geranium rose, grapefruit seed extract, rose hip seed oil and jojoba oil. They sent me a set to check out for myself. It comes in a cute little burlap bag. The Caviar is really a powder so don't do what I did and pour the whole jar out at once expecting a cream. It's very gentle on the skin during cleansing and softness is noticeable to the touch after.The Elixir feels nice and smells great, not overly oily and soaks in quickly. The toner is also very nice and has a great scent. I like the brand after trying it, my skin feels happy, and I would recommend the line.

The founder of the company, Valeria Anastasia, has a passion for the earth, holistic health and wellness. Since she lost her sister-in-law to a mysterious illness, she's focused on holistic living to help make her family healthier and in the process developed Believe Organics.

In addition to the Skincare set, they sell dry oils, detox bath, talc-free powder, body scrub, cuticle oil. These are hand-crafted small batches and made with certified organic botanical ingredients. To find out more about the company or order, please go to: