Monday, November 28, 2016

Pinrose Scents

Review by Lisa VanWilliams
If you are looking for a great Hostess gift for the Holiday season, look no further! Pinrose is a luxury fragrance brand that offers 12 different scents and you can get them in a candle, a rollerball, a 30ml Eau de Parfum, or get some petal packs for on the run single dose applications.  They work with Master Perfumers from around the world to create unique pieces of wearable scented art. You can even personalize the bottle and put a picture on it. Get your BFF that bottle of Wild Child and slap her picture right on front. You can find the brand a Sephora locations, or you can order online here:

Pinrose was kind enough to send me Campfire Rebel to check out for myself. This is a 9 ounce natural (lead free) burning wick, that offers 90 hours of burn time. Each candle includes a matching petal pack single use perfume in the same scent. The candles are $45 each. Campfire Rebel is a spicy mix of burning oud wood,vanilla bourbon, and vetiver. It was crafted by Master Perfumer, David Apel. It smells outdoorsy and musky, and goes great competing with a roaring fireplace. It comes beautifully packaged and you can tell right away it's a quality product. I would recommend the brand for yourself or as a gift.

All products are phthalate free, paraben, cruelty, and gluten free.

They also offer a great Rollerball Giftset for $60 that includes 3ml glass rollerballs of Pinrose's signature scents:

  • Secret Genius - Madagascan vanillla, caramel, sandalwood
  • Treehouse Royal - Fig, jasmine, moss
  • Gilded Fox - Cocoa, rum, vetiver
  • Wild Child - Gardenia, jasmine, plumeria
  • Tambourine Dreamer - Ylang ylang, lily of the valley, white musk
  • Cuddle Punk - Apricot, vanilla, cypress
  • Merry Maker - Nectarine, Plum, tonka bean
  • Pillowtalk Poet - Powder, amber, musk
  • Moonlight Gypsy - Cardamon, orange blossom, sandalwood
  • Garden Gangster - Lime, bergamot, mandarin
  • Campfire Rebel - Whisky, burning oud wood, vetiver
  • Pinrose - Rose, clove, leather


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