Friday, July 20, 2018

Ola - Hawaiian Body Products

Ola Tropical Apothecary offers organic bath and body spa products hand-crafted and centered on the Hawaiian concept of beauty and wellness. Ancient herbalism is a concept the culture still practices and Ola believes:
"The concept of oneness is intrinsic to Hawaiian culture and is realized when the Earth's energy is transferred to the plant, to the hands that harvest the plant, to the hands that transform the plants into healing products, to the hands that use the products.
Whether you need skincare, hair care, or bath and body products, they will have you covered. Masks, cleansers, toners, serums, moisturizers, oh and don't forget some volcanic foot scrub. To find out more about the company and to view their complete line, please go to:


Ola was kind enough to send me over two of their products to check out for myself. My favorite item is the Body Butter. These go for $32 for 6 oz and I tried the scent Pikake. Pikake is a sweet heavenly jasmine fragrance. It's often used to make lei's and it totally reminds me of what Hawaii smells like if you could capture the essence in a scent. It's rich and moisturizing and helps to repair, replenish dry, thirsty skin.

The Body Lotion goes for $29.50 for 8 oz and I tried the Passion Fruit scent. Not as thick as the body butter but still great to hydrate and quickly absorb leaving a great scent. Both products smell wonderful and leave the skin feeling great. Other scents they have include Coconut, Plumeria, Rainforest, & Tuberose.

Mahalo Ola!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Kocostar - Home Beauty Treatments

Scorching hot summer days can dry out your hair and skin, and here's a great option to do at home instead of heading out to the Spa. Check out these do at home moisture packs from Kocostar, whether you need a face mask, a slice mask, feet, hair, or nail care, they will have you covered.

My favorite of the group was the Long Hair Pack. It comes with a cap that is awkward though. I thought it was going to be like shower cap but it had a long slot to put your hair into and it was just strange, I gave up and opted to just put all the product directly onto my hair. The product smells amazing and feels conditioning & moisturizing while in hair. It was easy to rinse out after and the great smell continued for the rest of the day, along with highly conditioned hair. Love this stuff, but wish the conditioner came directly in a pack without it being in a cap already. Dislike cap, love conditioner.

The Foot and Hand Moisture packs are like doing a paraffin treatment at home but not as softening. The packs come with cute little booties and gloves that already have the lotion inside. Put them on, peel the tape off to secure and stick them on for 20 mins. Great for a quick touch up in between manicure/pedicures.

To find out more about Kocostar and to view all of the products they have available, please go to:

You can find in stores: Ulta, Anthropologie, Neiman Marcus, Free People, American Eagle & World Market to name a few.

These are affordably priced between $5-10 depending on which product you go with.

Thanks Kocostar for sending these over!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Ulta Beauty - Lip Plumping

Set off those summer tans with these awesome Ulta Beauty Lip Plumping Transforming Top Coats. Take your lips to sexy status in seconds with 5 different shimmering shades to pick from. Lips instantly appear fuller and lip color takes a duo chromatic effect. You can apply it alone or over your desired lip color. These normally go for $10 each but Ulta is having a buy two, get one free special right now:

These have a small application brush for easy, precise application and they are not gloss is not sticky at all. The colors are all great and give off a little bit of a different sheen on each one, I can't pick a favorite. Must try!

Colors available to pick from are:
Divine (rosy pink with gold and pink pearl)
Euphoria (off white with golden pearl)
Celestial (bright blue-pink with pink pearl)
Ethereal (warm peachy-pink duochrome with gold pearl)
Utopia (cool lavender-blue duochrome with pink pearl)

Thanks Ulta Beauty for sending these over! 💗💄

Monday, June 25, 2018

Newport Flower Shower 2018

Tiny cottages with incredible flower beds dotted the front lawn of Rosecliff this weekend, while spectacular floral arrangements decorated the outside and inside of the mansion. Scattered showers tapered off on Saturday and it was a wonderful afternoon at the event. Bold colors, the fragrance of bouquets, and flower after flower, one more beautiful than the next.

Here are some photos from the Flower Show.

The Velvet Road

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Elemis - Superfood Facial Wash

No wonder Elemis is an award-winning no1 luxury British skincare brand. Every time I use the brand it feels like a day at the spa. This is a high end, quality skincare and every item in the line is a pleasure to experience. The Super Food Facial Wash is a nourishing, nutrient dense gel cleanser. It deep cleans skin for a radiant, outdoor-fresh glow.

Supergreen Complex of Wheatgrass, Kale, Nettle and minerals are combined to leave the complexion looking luminous. Superfood lipids, Broccoli Seed, Avocado and Pumpkin Seed oils, are combined with an active, sugar-derived Pre-Biotic helps to maintain a healthy balance in the skin's microflora.
Dull looking skin is replaced by a radiant and fresh complexion.

This goes for $25 for 150ml. To find out more about this product, or to order, please go to:

Elemis products are available to purchase and used at the Mandara Spa at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.

It smells wonderful, has a nice smooth lather and rinses off easily. My skin feels wonderful and nicely moisturized afterwards. I try tons of skincare brands and this always ranks on top. I love Elemis and would recommend trying it out if your looking for a skincare program. When my friends ask who they should try, this is my go to.

Thanks Elemis for sending this over!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Doctor Lip Bang's - Lip Balm

These crazy fun lip balms are 100% natural but they will leave your lips buzzing. 👄 Your lips literally tingle a few minutes after applying. It's super powerful, ultra moisturizing, and it's made with essential oils and great for girls and boys. It almost feels like a lip plumper but it's not. The mixed concoction of essential oils actually creates the a strong tingly sensation - and you will definitely feel it! Doctor Lip Bang uses the best healthy ingredients like beeswax, sweet almond oil, & cinnamon oil.

The regular Lip Freak balm comes in 8 great flavors:
  • Berry Sinister
  • Sin-o-Mint
  • Bubble Trouble
  • Atomic Cherry
  • Clockwerk Orange
  • CoCo-LoCo Mint
  • Butter Rum Rage
  • Sonic Cinnabun
  • Psycho Punch
  • Gingerhead Man

Tinted balm is also an option and 4 colors are available:
  • Nude Attitude (natural care-free look)
  • Sweet Villian (brazen berry)
  • Pinky Swear (bold rosy shade)
  • Bleeding Heart (dramatic brick color)

Cruelty free, vegan, & gluten-free. These balms are priced around $7.99 each and they can be found at retailers like Ulta Beauty, Charming Charlie, CVS, Hot Topic, & Lucky Vitamin to name a few. To find out more about Doctor Lip Bang's balm and where to pick them up, please go to:

A portion of all proceeds of sales is donated charity. 💓

Thanks Doctor Lip Bang for sending these lip buzzers over!