Monday, September 18, 2017

Treets Traditions - Skincare

Treet Tradtions offers a great skincare line for all types of skin. They focus on ancient customs of our ancestors who used to heal themselves with what they found in nature. Treets Traditions uses a blend of unique herbs in their products with remedial properties.

They have five collections to pick from: Amazon - Engerising Secrets Collection, The Alps - Healing In Harmony Collection, Africa - Nourishing Spirits Collection, Asia - Relaxing  Chakra's Collection, or Nordics - Revitalising Ceremonies Collection. The collections come with a variety of different items like foaming shower gel, shower cream, body scrub, body cream, bath fizzers, body oils, and more depending on which collection entices you.

Treets offered to send me over one of their new items, and I picked the Africa Nourishing Spirits Collection. I have been trying the Nourishing Foam Shower Gel which is scented with kalahari melon which has strong antioxidants to help protect the skin & baobab oil which helps improves the skins condition. It smells wonderful without being overpowering. It has great lather as well and I actually shaved with it. Really nice shower gel and I look forward to checking out some of their other products as well.

Treets Traditions can be found at Ulta. The shower gel goes for $15.

To find out more about Treets Traditions, please go to:

Thanks Treets Traditions!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Renpure Hair Care

Renpure recently launched a new Black Label Coconut Line I have been trying. It smells great my hair is really liking it. The coconut oil line features un-refined, bare naked coconut oil and water in each product. I tried the Coconut Bamboo Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner.
The shampoo and conditioner go for $7.99 ea for 16 fl oz.which is a nice price compared to other more expensive salon brands. The shampoo does not have crazy lather, which is most likely because it is sulfate free. Nice pump bottles that are easy to use in the shower. The scent is not overpowering either. Which is great, because I don't want to walk around smelling like I just left beach covered in lotion.

They also offer a full line of hair care like Argan Oil, Coconut Cream, Biotin & Collagen, Brazilian Keratin, and Almond Milk (yum, I will need to look for this one).They also have a Cleansing Conditioner line, along with an Advanced Extra Strength assortment, and Viva Curl for girls with the curls.

I was also sent the 100% Organic Coconut Oil which is great for nourishing hair and skin. USDA certified and at a great price of $6.99 ea for 8 fl oz tub. Great to get rid of ashy skin or tame some frizzy hair. Take a tiny dab, and do what you need.

Family owned and operated, they believe in healthy ingredients and responsible resourcing. Cruelty free line, sulfate free, paraben free, & gluten free. All products are made in the USA.

You can find Renpure products at stores like Target, Ulta, CVS, Walmart, & Walgreens. To find out more about Renpure or where to buy, please go to:

Thanks for the treats Renpure!                                                                          

Friday, September 15, 2017

Nude Envie - Naked Lipstick

I am allllll about the nudes. If you love earth tones like browns and tans, this is the lipstick line for you. They just launched the line in early 2017. Nude Envie offers seven profound shades of nude colored lipsticks and one "perfect" nude lip pencil.

Isabel Madison is the founder of Nude Envie and she grew up immersed in the beauty industry and her passion for it never dwindled. She created the Nude line so women could showcase their skin tone while not overpowering their other defining features. I myself am draw to nudes because sometimes I feel like the bright colors are too distracting and this offers a more natural yet finished look.

I love all the colors in the line. Subtle variations of nudes and I want them all!! Isabel was super sweet to send me over a sample of her line. I picked out the color RUSH and she sent the pencil along with it. The lipsticks go for $30 each and the lip pencil is $26. The lipsticks come in cute little black boxes and the silver bullet shaped container is sturdy and sharp looking. Great product line for lips and I recommend the brand.

The Nude Allure lip pencil goes on smoothly and accurately and the feel of the lip stick is also creamy and moisturizing since its packed with Vitamin E and jojoba oil. The lipsticks are carefully crafted using finest ingredients. All products are paraben free, cruelty free, vegan, and gluten free.

Sign up on their website to get 15% off your first order.

You can find out more about the company and order here:

It's also available at Barney's New York. (Barney's offers the lipliner free if you spend $90 on any Nude Envie purchase  *one per person, while supplies last, US only.)

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Votre Vu Botanically-Activated Skincare & Makeup

Today I checked out a brand I have not tried before and wanted to share my experience with it. Votre Vu offers healthy skincare & makeup products that are created with plant and marine extracts native to France. Small batch, handcrafted with essential oils, vitamins, minerals and French kaolin clay that nourished and protects skin while also enhancing appearance.

They offer a whole skincare line for normal, sensitive, and combo skin along with cleansers, toners, serums, and creams. Votre Vu also has a complete makeup line including concealer, powder, blush, mascara, brows, eyeliner, shadows, lip line.

They were kind enough to send me over a Bronzer and Lip Crayon to check out for myself. The Champs- èLIPsèe lip crayon is an ulta-hydrating, botanical wax forumla. These go for $24 each and it comes in Naked (light nude) or Spark (mid-tone rose). I tried the Naked. They call the stick a chubby stick and it does not need to be sharpened, you just turn it like a lipstick which is great. It feels thick and creamy on my lips and it's darker than I expected with a touch of shimmer. It's more of a brown than a neutral.

Next, I tried the Beautè en Bronze Tantalizing Bronzer Duo. These go for $34 each and it comes in Monaco Sunrise (shimmering pink) and Cocktail Hour (perfect tan), or Tahiti Island time (dusty rose) and Paradise (rich berry). This is French kaolin clay-based powder and a great way to keep that summer tan popping. Great packaging, nice sturdy compact. I tried the Tahiti and it's perfect for my medium skin tone with a slight tan. The powder seems to come up and break up easier than a typical compact blush powder so go easy with brush when applying because a lot with come off on your brush. It's a light powder, not heavily pressed. Almost like a loose powder consistency.

I like the products and would love to check out some more of their line. I would recommend checking out the line if you like botanically based, cruelty free lines.

The brand is only available online. To find out more about Votre Vu and view their complete line, please go to:

*Cruelty Free line.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Revlon Beauty

Making women beautiful since 1932, and still going strong today with the face of Gwen Stefani repping the brand. Revlon was kind enough to send me over some of their latest picks and here's the lowdown.

I have not tried Revlon products in yearssss. I was surprised. First, I checked out the new Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick ($8.49 each). Great lipstick cases that are clear on one end so you don't have to open every single one to see what color it is. The colors are wonderful Pink Velvet, Va Va Violet, Gold Goddess, and Lilac Mist. My faves were Va Va Violet (which I was surprised, thought it was going to be to dark), and Gold Goddess. If none of these are your color, they have 82 on-trend shades in four finishes to pick from. Smooth application, and feels good on lips.

Next, we tried the Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor ($8.99 each). High-definition and lightweight color in 15 shades to pick from. Love, love, love these. The colors are deep and mesmerizing. The ones I did not think I was going to like, I liked. I looked at HD Blossom, HD Rhubarb, HD Garden, and HD Arabica. Popping red for HD Rhubarb was one of  my faves along with HD Arabica which is a nice rich brown, but any of these colors will rock for Fall season.

Revlon Kiss Balm ($4.99 each) and available in 6 fresh fruit flavors. I tried the Sugar Plum and it's a ultra hydrating lip care infused with natural fruit oils. These are great to keep in your purse. It smells wonderful, and offers SPF20 protection at the same time. Very sheer coverage..subtle but sexy.

Lastly, I checked out the Revlon Powder Blush ($10.99 each) in the color Dare to Bare. This color is light for me right now with the end of summer tan. They have 5 shades in total to pick from that offer silky, buildable powder blush to create vibrant color that will last all day.

To find out more about Revlon and other products they have, please go to:

Where to buy Revlon products?

Thanks Revlon!!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Australian Gold Botanicals

Australian Gold has been one of my longtime favorites. I think the tanning sprays smell incredible, they feel really nice on your skin, and I think it gives off a nice tan. This year, Australian Gold launched a new Botanical Sunscreen Line. I was excited they sent me over a few items in the line to check out for myself and I will be using them up for the end of Summer. The brand utilizes eco conscious packaging materials and the formulas are reef friendly.

The SPF 30 Mineral Lotion (goes for $14.99 ea) is a non-greasy, antioxidant rich formula that provides UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection. Water resistant up to 80 minutes. It smells incredible (like the rest of their products), and goes on smoothly and sinks right into my skin. It does have Eucalyptus in there to calm, reinvigorate and oxygenate skin.

I also checked out the Botanical Sunscreen SPF 50 Tinted Face Mineral Lotion (goes for $12.99 ea) which is a non-chemical sunscreen lotion that also provides UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection. Water resistant up to 80 minutes. It has a subtle tint to it and it's fragrance-free. This is specially designed for sensitive face skin, and it will not clog pores.

Australian Gold products are available at Ulta, CVS, and Walmart. You can find out more about the brand and other products here:

Thanks Australian Gold!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Elizabeth Arden Summer Beauty

Elizabeth Arden products have been making women feel beautiful since the early 1900's. She was the first to introduce eye make up to the women of America. By 1929, Florence Nightingale Graham (aka Elizabeth Arden) owned 150 salons across the U.S. and Europe. Elizabeth Arden had over 1,000 luxury products being sold in 22 countries. She was the sole proprietor, and at the peak of her career, she was one of the wealthiest women in the world.

Early this year, Elizabeth Arden announced that Reese Witherspoon would be the new face of the brand. Reese stated, "One of the first things that drew me to the brand was its rich heritage and history of supporting women. As one of the first female entrepreneurs, Elizabeth Arden paved the way for women like me."

Elizabeth Arden was kind enough to send over a few summer essentials and I could not be more excited to check them out! Let's start with White Tea Eau de Toilette Spray.

It's a musky-wood floral with top notes of mandarin, clary sage, sea breeze accord, and fresh Japanese white fern. It's fresh and light and it's a perfect Summer scent to spray on after a cool shower.

The perfume comes in lovely white bottle with a square top that's easily removed and in various sizes: 1.0 FL OZ ($24), 1.7 FL OZ ($37), or 3.3 FL OZ ($49). I found it was too strong for me if I sprayed it directly on my skin, but I was totally fine with it when I did the spritz run through.

Next up are the Sheer Kiss Lip Oils. They are being featured in this months Glamour Magazine as NOT YOUR AVERAGE LIPSTICK - Replace your basic bullet with next-generation metallics and balms

These lightweight lip colors are packed with five precious oils that offer hydrating benefits. Six great colors to pick from and they go for $19.50 each.

The packaging is super cute, butttt application is hard because the lip oil comes out of a little hole and there is no way to really direct it and get even coverage. So, you basically need to use a Qtip, your finger, or rub the plastic hole back and forth over your lips in hopes your aim is good. Nice stains, and they feel good on my lips.

Lastly, we tried two items from the Prevage City Smart Collection. The Double Action Detox Peel Off Mask (2.5 FL OZ $78) is great at lifting and removing impurities. The detox mask also resurfaces skin and enhances its natural detoxification system. It feels nice and cool upon application, then it dries up nicely once the 20 minute wait is over. I was able to peel it off in a few pieces. I could see the impurities on the mask as I peeled it off. My skin feels good and my pores are clean, but for almost $80 I was hoping for more miracle results.

The City Smart Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Hydrating Shield (1.34 FL OZ $68) is working to keep skin looking younger and brighter. It combines pollution and UV protection to strengthen skin. It has a nice dispenser to pump the cream out onto your finger for application. They call it sheer, but there is a tint to the cream but it's quickly absorbed. Not scented.

To find out more about Elizabeth Arden, and to order any of these products, please go to:

Thanks Elizabeth Arden!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Sassy Lips

Saturday the 29th is National Lipstick Day! What's better than flowers and lipstick?! Treat yourself, a friend, or your daughter, with these fun & adorable color changing lipsticks. Some of them even come with a teeny tiny chrysanthemum flower encapsulated in the lipstick!

Sassy Lips sent to me two colors to check out or myself. I looked at My Life RN, which might put your off with it's alien green glow, but do not be deceived! This lipsticks turns a different shade of fuchsia depending on your PH level. They offer a few other color changers that come in black, blue, and white lipstick color but change to other colors when applied. These go for $16 each.

My favorite one is called When Bae Looks Your Way and it's ruby color jelly-like gloss that's infused with gold flakes and it has a tiny flower inside. This is a pink color that changes based on your bodies temperature. The jelly's come in other colors like yellow and blue, but when applied they turn to shades of pink. The flower lipsticks for for $25 each.

When Bae Looks Your Way
I like the lipsticks and I think they are fun. The cases the lipsticks come in are really nice heavy cases with a magnetic lid, so they snap closed easily. It's a stain/gloss finish instead of a matte lipstick coverage.

You can order these online at:

Cruelty free brand.

Thanks Sassy Lips!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

JUARA Skincare

I took a little break from blogging to enjoy the Summer with the kids and recharge.  I have lots of new products piled up and can't wait to dig into them and show you the latest summer essentials from some wonderful brands.

I have been using this Turmeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask and it's awesome. I noticed the pores on my nose were totally minimized after the FIRST use and my skin feels great  and moisturized whenever I use it. It's suppose to brighten and even out complexion, refine & minimize pores - and that it does.

JUARA Skincare is a East meets West fusion of centuries of traditional botanical remedies. JUARA is based on the Indonesian JAMU tradition that uses specific, natural ingredients to treat skin and health issues. They offer a number of skincare products like acne & blemish treatment, anti-aging, dark spots/uneven skin tone, dryness/dehydration, fine lines & wrinkles to name a few.

The Turmeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask goes for $38 for 3.0 fl oz. It goes on smoothly and has a very light clay smell to it. They say to use it 1-3 times a week. Leave it on around 10-15 minutes and rinse. It comes off easily and you will notice the difference in your skin right away.

There are a number of online retailers you can order it from and you can find out more about JUARA here:

Certified cruelty free, free of parabens, sulfates, phthlates, mineral oil, gluten, artificial colorants, and harsh chemicals. All products are made in the USA, but they ship in the botanicals from Indonesia and other tropical islands.

Thanks JUARA Skincare for sending this over!

Monday, June 26, 2017

The Newport Flower Show 2017 - FÊTE DES FLEURS: Paintings and Parterres

The Newport Flower Shower was held this weekend at Rosecliffe and it was another spectacular year. It was a hot afternoon in Newport Saturday once the rain cleared out and the clouds broke. This years French theme was modeled after the Grand Trianon of Versailles and we saw some spectacular flower displays. Fashion icon Iris Apfel hosted Friday afternoon tea and discussed style and life. Jeff Leatham was also a guest speaker at Rosecliffe on Friday. He is the artistic director of the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris and floral designer to the celebrities and millionaires in the world (Chelsea Clinton, Eva Longoria, Tina Turner, Madonna, Oprah). I have a few pictures of his floral designs that he did at the show below.

Popular designs this year are big ornamental garden heads ,fairy gardens, succulent gardens, along with Moulin Rouge inspired table settings. I tried to capture some of the most impressive designs but my photos do not do them justice. The smell of lilies and roses alone is distracting enough and the exhibits are overwhelming. You could really spend the day there enjoying the different areas.

Jeff Leatham design
Jeff Leatham design

Hotel Silver

Hotel Silver

Silver Chowder Spoons from Hotel Silver in Darien,CT

Fairy house