Friday, December 1, 2017

ColorProof - Color Care for Hair

Shiny and Bright Holiday Kits are available now from ColorProof. If you have color treated hair like me, some shampoos and conditioners can leave your hair feeling like you didn't even use any product. That is not the case with this brand. This shampoo has a really great lather and leaves my hair feeling smooth after rinsing. It could be more of a girly smell for me (the scent of the shampoo is called Gingered Amber Essence), but it's a great unisex brand that everyone can use, and the lather really makes up for the lack of feminine scent. The conditioner work great as well, leaving my hair feeling soft, smooth, and manageable after towel drying. The conditioner is scented with Mojito Mint Essence and it does leave a little tingle on the scalp after rinsing. It brought me back to Graham Webb Ice Cap days.

The HumidityRX  Anti-Frizz Weatherproof Spray also comes with this kit. This spray calms down my wild hair and leaves a nice shine. This has a great smell and it's a lightweight spray so my hair does not dry all clumped together. It's a really natural look and feel and I do not have to go back after it dries to fix & adjust it again. 

They have three sets available right now and they go for $34 each:

ColorProof Shiny & Bright SuperRich Holiday Kit
This is the one I picked since I have medium color treated in hair in need of hydration.

ColorProof Shiny & Bright SuperPlump Holiday Kit
This is for color treated hair in need of body and fullness. Boosts volume while prolonging color life.

ColorProof Shiny & Bright CrazySmooth Holiday Kit
Instantly eliminate unruly frizz, repair and infuse with extreme smoothness

ColorProof products can be found at multiple salon locations throughout Connecticut. It can also be ordered directly online from ColorProof here:

Great line I recommend checking out.

Thanks ColorProof for sending this over!


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