Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Believe Organics

Review by Lisa VanWilliams
Sometimes the changing of the seasons is a good time change up your skin care regime. Extreme variations in weather changes can call for extra moisturizer. Right now, I have been using Believe Organics which is an all natural organic skincare line and they a carry nontoxic, cruelty free, skincare system.

It's a 3-step skincare ($39.99) set that has:
Cleansing Caviar - this is a clay based gentle cleanser and light exfoliation to detoxify.
Clarifying Toner - is a light mist to tighten pores, refresh and soften the skin.
Facial Elixir - organic oils to help balance the skin, that's delicately scented with floral and citrus notes.

The set has ingredients in it like: essential oils of lavender, rose absolute, tea tree, thyme, neroli and geranium rose, grapefruit seed extract, rose hip seed oil and jojoba oil. They sent me a set to check out for myself. It comes in a cute little burlap bag. The Caviar is really a powder so don't do what I did and pour the whole jar out at once expecting a cream. It's very gentle on the skin during cleansing and softness is noticeable to the touch after.The Elixir feels nice and smells great, not overly oily and soaks in quickly. The toner is also very nice and has a great scent. I like the brand after trying it, my skin feels happy, and I would recommend the line.

The founder of the company, Valeria Anastasia, has a passion for the earth, holistic health and wellness. Since she lost her sister-in-law to a mysterious illness, she's focused on holistic living to help make her family healthier and in the process developed Believe Organics.

In addition to the Skincare set, they sell dry oils, detox bath, talc-free powder, body scrub, cuticle oil. These are hand-crafted small batches and made with certified organic botanical ingredients. To find out more about the company or order, please go to: http://www.believeorganicsshop.com/


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