Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pro Surfer & Banging Body

By Lisa VanWilliams

Laird Hamilton will be turning 50 next year. For a man that battles the ocean on a daily basis, he has to maintain peak physical fitness. The Pro Surfer, fitness guru, model, entrepreneur and father got together with a few friends and started a supplement line called Truition a few years ago.

"The TRUition philosophy is based on the reality that achieving peak fitness and overall well-being must start with a personal commitment to TRANSFORM to a healthier lifestyle. Once you make this decision to improve your quality of life, the next step is to permanently EVOLVE your fitness and nutrition behaviors in order to achieve sustainable results. Through the combination of routine physical activity and proper nutrition, your body and mind will begin to THRIVE and then you will become a positive role model to your family, friends and everyone around you."

Men's Health did a article with Laird a while back and these were his recommendations on how he powers his body:
  • push start - start the day with a protein shake
  • don't graze - don't eat unless you are hungry
  • chew slowly - savor what you are eating
  • eat real food - not processed
  • be diverse - the food universe is vast, don't get stuck on what you know
  • experiment
  • listen to your body and feed it's cravings
  • don't be thrifty when it comes to food - budget so you can buy better food
  • skip starches
  • eat sustainable foods - the closer it is to wild, the better

Laird and his wife Gabby Reece (American Pro Volleyball player) are a power couple to watch out for. They also have an awesome website you can follow for more tips that's all about nutrition, fitness, and healthy living.

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