Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Support your local farmers!

Farmers Markets By Lisa VanWilliams

If you live on the West Coast or Down South, you are blessed with year round Farmers Markets. They exist worldwide and there's no better way to check out the local flavor and culture. For us folks on the East Coast, the season is just kicking off. It's a great way to get out with the family and help support your local community.  A walk through can be inspiring when you see the produce and get the ideas flowing whether it's a big green healthy bunch of asparagus or a huge apple fit for Snow White.  Let the kids pick the food and help cook it at home. Show them where the food comes from and let them meet the farmers growing it. Fresher foods, seasonal foods, better quality & healthier options. The USDA shows more than 7,800 Farmers Markets operating throughout the U.S.

Farmers Market of American also states that the market prices can be up to 91% lower than shopping at your local grocery store.

Show some pride in your town and buy local !

Check here for the market closest to you in Connecticut and try some fresh produce:

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