Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cleaning up the messes while being Green

By Lisa VanWilliams
Looking for a great Eco-friendly household cleaner? Well, search no more, we've found this delectable cleaner that smells awesome and gets the job done.  Mrs Meyers Clean Day is the recommended pick the VANWILLIAMS FAMILY likes to use to clean up.  My wife and I  tried a few of the products but you will have to go out and smell them all to decide which one would work best for you.  We tried the Lemon Verbena which put the lime in the coconut for sure. It was like being swept away from my kitchen sink to Key West in one single wash. The Geranium scent was also spectacular.

Liquid hand soup - it leaves your hands smelling incredible and invigorating !! What's better than natural ingredients and essential oils? 
Countertop Spray - it smelled wonderful and does not leave any streaks on a Granite or wood surface.
Liquid Dish Soap -  the soap lathered well and it lasted.  Try to make the dreaded job of doing the dishes a bit more pleasant.
Glass Cleaner - worked great, smelled great, and it did not streak.
Room Freshener - Nice to keep in the bathroom and freshen it up with a light non-toxic spritzer as needed.

The line was started by Mrs. Thelma Meyer, a mother of nine and homemaker and her motto is, "Let's make cleaners that smell nice, like my mom's garden, but still work like the dickens on daily dirt and grime."

Some stores that sell Mrs Meyers are Whole Foods & Target or you can order online.

Pick some up for yourself or give them as a gift, you surely wont be let down.

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