Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Jack's Fancy Shoes

If you like horses, or know someone who does, these would make the perfect gift. Sylvie made me these custom horse shoes and I love them! I grew up having been around horses my whole life because my mother adores them. She use to ride her horses for Bird Dog Field Trials as a hobby in her younger days with my father, and now in her retirement she likes to watch the horses roam the fields on her farm.

Jack's Fancy shoes does custom beaded horse shoes from recycled shoes and you can pick your favorite glass or stone bead colors, send them a charm, or pick from the ones she has. They start around $25 depending on how "fancy" you want to get.

I originally came across Sylvie's work at a local fair. My children ran through a Craft Tent and her works of art caught me eye, and as we coasted by, I grabbed her card off the table. A few months later, I met up with Sylvie again at a horse pull on a farm. I gave her two old rusted horse shoes that had come off of my mom's horses.

These are what she gave back me:

They are special because to me because #1) the shoes came from the horses my mom loves to watch for many years #2) I had Sylvie use the color stones of our family. My children were both born in December so they are turquoise, my husband was born in February so he is amethyst, and I was born in August so I am peridot.  She intertwined silver metal throughout the shoe and added little silver hearts for me.

She has tons of creations to pick from that she has designed herself, or you can do the whole custom thing. These are great to hang over a door for a good luck, but you can get creative and put them anywhere like on your kids bedroom door, the stall of your horse, a garage or shed decoration.

You can check out her designs, and get in contact with Sylvie here:

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