Friday, November 6, 2015

Arianna Skincare - Dead Sea Minerals

Product review by Lisa VanWilliams
My husband and I first experienced this store when we were strolling the boutiques in Newport, RI. They have a great little corner shop right on Bowen's Wharf where all the action is. They offer super high-end luxury products, which are made with Dead Sea minerals. The incredible healing properties of the Dead Sea are World renowned and have been for many centuries. The Dead Sea contains 26 essential  minerals, twelve of the Dead Sea minerals do not exist in any other ocean in the World.

The CEO and founder Miri Torres created the line in 2007 when she was struggling to find all-natural products after struggling with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and chemotherapy treatments to heal her battered body. My niece who suffers from eczema on her hands, saw immediate improvements on her hands within days. It's also great for psoriasis, acne, and diabetes. It's proven to increase blood circulation, and it will take years off skin's appearance (the eye serum is said to be noticeable within 10-14 days of product use). 

They offer a complete line of body care, face care, and cleansing products. They also have some cute novelty cupcake soaps, pops, and bath bombs.

We are going to try to work with them to do a giveaway soon, so stay tuned.

Arianna has five beautiful stores in the North East that you can find in Boston, Braintree, Martha's Vineyard, Newport, and New York City. Those who use the products, swear by them. It's expensive but it's quality, and if you are having a hard time with your skin it's worth the investment to heal and repair unhappy skin.

To find out more about the company or order online, please go to:

They were generous and sent us a beautiful sample box of their fine products. Thank You Arianna!

Collagen Boost Eye Serum Treatment - improves blood microcirculation , lessens the appearance of tired, puffy-looking eyes and dark circles as it brightens the skin around the eyes.

Skin Balance Revitalizing Gel Cream - a light water-based moisturizer filled with key anti-oxidants to fight the signs of aging.

Ultra Rich Mineral Body Butter - Moisturize your skin with this natural lotion to stimulate blood flow and renew skin.

Ultra Exfoliating Body Treatment - cleanse and exfoliate with Dead Sea salt crystals renowned for their healing power and effectiveness. Treat problems like calluses, dry skin, flaky skin, or cracked skin and stop them for re-occurring.

Intensive Mineral Hand Treatment - this is what my niece used to clear up her eczema on her hands. They will be adding it to their website soon, but you can call them to order it directly. $24.99 and you can call 1-888-330-1423

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