Monday, January 11, 2016

Gelish Mini - Kung Fu Panda 2016 Collection

Review by Lisa VanWilliams
A few of my nieces came over this weekend and we had a Gelish Mini party and did gel on our own nails. I have never used gel before but it was pretty easy and the drying time can't be beat (dries in like 30 seconds).You will need the Gelish Basix Kit and the Gelish MINI pro LED curing light. Gels can last up to 3x longer than traditional nail polish with no chipping or peeling. As a mom and Chef, I am curious to see how long it holds up. I still walked around for two hours afterwards like my nails were wet, but it's hard to believe it dries that quickly and I don't have time to mess them up.

Bring out your polished warrior with these fab colors presented to us by Gelish Mini. These items are available for a limited time only in January 2016. They will be sold at select salons nationwide. They are also sold at Sally Beauty Supply stores for $13.99 each:

You can find out more about Gelish Mini's and all the colors they offer here:

The collection includes six NEW kickin' shades:

  • It's Gonna Be Mei - Rose Pearl
  • Kung Fu-chsia - Bright fuschia pearl
  • Tigress Knows Best - Hot Red créme
  • Warriors Don't Wine - Plum créme
  • Extra Plum Sauce - Amethyst pearl
  • Po-riwinkle - Light periwinkle créme

View the tutorial here on how to do your own Gelish mani:

Kung Fu-chsia with a Extra Plum Sauce pinky
Warriors Don't Wine
Tigress Knows Best

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