Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ecokindness - Detoxify Your Home Organically

Review by Lisa VanWilliams
Ecokindness has developed 28 USDA organic eco-products for cleaning, deodorizing, and freshening and they can powerfully detoxify your home without using harmful chemicals. They also have aromatherapy benefits since they are infused with essential oils from around the Globe. The products are environmentally friendly and they are safer to use in your home for your family and pets.

I recently noticed the brand when I was at my local Whole Foods. They have a huge display with tons of products. I contacted the company to find out more information about them, and they were great! They did independent studies on their products to find that their products kill ecoli and staph at the same rate as bleach, 99.996%. This is important me not only as a mom with a family and pets, but as a Chef I need to make sure there's no cross-contamination on my equipment & cooking surfaces. They were kind enough to send a beautiful basket filled with an array of their best sellers and most loved products to check out for myself. My two favorites so far are the Six In One Wonder Cleaner and the Citrus Symphony Home Fragrance. The small Hand Purifiers are perfect for coat pockets, purses, and to stow in the car when you can't wash your hands.

You can find Ecokindness products at most Whole Foods in Connecticut, and at most Shop Rites in New Jersey. You can find out more about the company here:

You can order off Amazon if there are no locations near you:

Products they make include the following:

Organic Oil Multi-Cleaner
Toilet Eco-Cleaner
Purifying Spray
Sofa & Drapes Freshener
Mattress Freshener
Duvet & Linen Spray
Floor Eco-Cleaner
Citrus Symphony Home Fragrance
Blossom of Musk Home Fragrance
Trail of Spice Home Fragrance
Vanilla Sublime Home Fragrance
Mother of Pearl Home Fragrance
Carpet & Rug Spray
Car Interior Freshener
Clothing Spray
Dryer Freshener
Ironing Aid Spray
Laundry Pre-Wash Spray
Hand Purifier
Eco-Baby Nursery Spray
Eco-Baby Toddler Room Spray
Bed & Luggage Spray
Dog & Cat Spray
Corner & Crevices Spray
Personal & Outdoors Spray
Wardrobe & Closest Spray
Eco-Traveler Kit

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