Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pillows With A Purpose

By Lisa VanWilliams

Not only are these recycled coffee burlap bag pillows cool looking, they support a great cause. While decorating your home with style & taste, you'd be doing a humanitarian act at the same time. They are handmade in America by legal refugees who were forced to leave their homelands due to conflict. Sales of these items help to provide English classes and other essential needs for the people of these communities.

They cost $42 for a 20" by 20" pillow and you can find them on Scoutmob:

The project is sponsored by a company called Plywood People out of Atlanta, GA and the group is comprised of "Cultural Creatives, Non-Profit Activists, and Business Leaders who are pursuing their ideas to improve their communities around them."

It's an incredible organization that believes in EDUCATING and IMPLEMENTING and you can learn more about them here:


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