Thursday, September 10, 2015

Keep Your Body Guessing

We recently read a great article by Women's Health titled, "Your Probably Setting Your Treadmill To The Wrong Incline" and it had some great tips. Did you know if you walk at a 9% incline you can increase your gluteus maximus activation by 345% compared to walking at zero percent incline? That's gonna be a hard poppin booty.  Another big mistake people make is don't hang on! If the incline is too steep and you need to hang on, you are damaging your posture and walking gait. Hands free, lower your incline.

Our favorite line from the article,
"The best workout routine is going to vary things regularly—you want to keep your body guessing. After all, you aren’t going to be running up a hill—or on a perfectly flat stretch of pavement—forever."

To read the whole article, please go to:

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