Thursday, September 17, 2015

Cooking Day - Episode 6

By Lisa VanWilliams

We tried a few new recipes that included black beans and lentils, a flavorful chicken breast in a herb pan sauce, and we made a juicy Pot Roast rubbed in spices, and a couple others I would definitely make again.

Beef Pot Roast
Recipe from:

Comfort food at it's best. No one leaves hungry with this filling, delicious, juicy cut of meat that can feed the whole family with no problem. I added some extra seasonings on the roast like garlic powder, onion powder, and Montreal Steak seasoning.

Made a gravy with leftover juices in pan

Carrots, potatoes, onions with fresh herbs for side

Simple Sauteed Spinach

Clean eating at it's best. This would be great to serve with some grilled or baked fish. 

Canal House Lentils

All the reviews repeat the same things: easy, simple, can you not be curious? Try it. Lentils are high in nutritional value, they are packed with cholesterol-lowering fiber, and have virtually no fat.

Chicken with Tomato Herb Pan Sauce

Let me tell you right now....the butter, garlic, oregano, paprika mix smells like heaven in a pan. Major surprising flavor in the grape tomato sauce with very few ingredients.

Black Bean Soup
Recipe from:

I heard this was off the hook. I am not much of a black bean soup eater, but I heard this was a keeper through the grapevine. I added some smoked kielbasa in there but you could add bacon, ham hock, etc. It's always better the next day or two.

Parmesan Crusted Chicken with Bacon
Recipe from:

Ummm ya.  Cheat day right here. I used Gouda instead of Asiago but I don't think it mattered. It was soooooo good. I had to try a bite for quality control purposes.

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