Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Time In A Bottle

By Lisa VanWilliams

These little tokens are a great way to remember your travels, pay tribute to the places you have been, look back on the things you enjoy when you can't always be near,  and help you to recall the memories that might make you smile. You can find cute little bottles like this at any craft store, just make sure they have some kind of seal or cover so your items don't easily fall out.  You can find clear labels in stationary/label sections like Walmart and Staples. 

We have been collecting shells from beaches we have been to over the years, but there are other ways to get creative with these if shells aren't your thing. You could do sea glass, pebbles from your favorite river beds, sand from all the local beaches from your hometown or State, pine cones or acorns from hikes on your favorite trails, lures used to catch all those huge fish, the possibilities are endless.  Label the location, year, longitude & latitude, whatever things are relevant to you. 

They will be great pieces to look at in your home and they will make for some great conversation someday when someone asks about them. You can tell them about that 30 pound Salmon you caught with your son on Lake Ontario,  or that beach down in the Caribbean where you fell in love with your husband. 


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