Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Glass Bottles and Glass Decor

By Lisa VanWilliams
Someday when my toddlers are all grown up, I may have that home of white, sparkly, shiny glass things everywhere. Things that can be easily broken or not meant to be played with will no longer need to be put just perfectly out of reach of tiny curious hands. I grew up loving the romance, mystery, and hope of finding that message in a bottle roll up onto the shore before my very eyes. If you are looking to change up your mantel, spruce up a window ledge, or add some style to that antique table up against your wall, this might be that sparkle your missing. 

You can always pretend you got that message in a bottle. Don't limit yourself to just bottles either. You can always pair things together like candy jars, glass canisters, apothecary jars, fish bottles, corked bottles, glass carafes, glass pitchers, candles in hurricanes, and other antique or unique bottles to create your own whimsical vision.  You can fill them with seasonal items, fresh flowers, old corks, eucalyptus, dried herbs, old black & white photos, shells, tree branches, Pussy Willows, feathers, or nothing at all. 

Here are a few ideas how:




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  1. lass paints also work as well and they have really bright colors to perk up some RS Glass bottle...