Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Peanuts - Not Just For Elephants

By Lisa VanWilliams

Good ole ball game peanuts.  Peanuts are a great afternoon snack that not only can keep idle hands busy, but they offer protein, nutrients, and they are high in fiber. Peanuts are one of America's basic crops with Georgia being the leader in production for the states.

The traveling circus introduced them to many back in the day when they went cross country by wagon. This nutty tasting snack became popular in America after the Civil War when George Washington Carter played a role in increasing their popularity. Peanuts have been around for over 7,500 years and they are believed to have originated out of South America.

Why are peanuts good for you?
  • lowers risk for cardiovascular disease (resveratrol)
  • lowers cancer risk (resveratrol)
  • fights hunger
  • packed with anti-oxidants
  • lower risk of developing gallstones
  • niacin rich which helps protects against Alzheimer's & it is good for blood flow

Also a few facts from the American Peanut Council:

  1. Peanuts are the #1 snack nut consumed in the U.S., accounting for 2/3 of the snack nut market.
  2. U.S. peanut farmers produce around 1.9 million tons of peanuts annually on approximately 1.44 million acres.
  3. Peanuts and peanut butter are protein powerhouses - providing 15% (7.6 g) of the Reference Daily Intake (RDI) level (50 g) of protein per serving (one ounce of peanuts or two tablespoons of peanut butter).

Warning: I feel compelled to warn you that peanut shells will be allllll overrrrrrr your house and/or area of nut cracking. Keep the Dust Buster on hand for anxiety relief.


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