Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Essie Nails - Spring 2018 Collection

Check out Essie's 2018 Spring Collection and get your Passport to sail! These 6 eye-popping limited edition colors are amazing and I'm excited to change my nail polish and try the next color.
"with a cool breeze at the tailwind & Essie at the helm this sailing trip will be all stripes and sails. so find the perfect spot on the cape, anchor down & cozy up in your cable knit with yourperfect mate. as you grab a pass-port to sail, get ready to bon boy-age!"
I picked Perfect Mate to try out right away. They describe it as a pristine pop of coral pink cream color. It's a nice soft color and I really like it. Two coats, easy application.

The rest of the other colors are:

Bon Boy-Age is a nautical mint green polish (cream)
Passport To Sail is a soft sandy beige nail polish lightly splashed in ivory shimmer (sheer)
Striped & Sails is an intense teal green nail polish (cream)
Anchor Down is a preppy blue nail polish washed with pewter gray undertones (cream)
At The Helm is a fire orange nail polish tinged with salmon red (cream)

Check out your local nail salons for these colors, order your own and bring it with you, or do them yourself at home! These go for $9 each and can be ordered directly from Essie here: https://www.essie.com/nail-polish/whats-new/spring-2018

Thanks Essie for sending these over!


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