Friday, June 9, 2017

Cutex Summer Nails

Pick out some fun colors for the Summer from Cutex. This year Cutex launched a new line of holistic products that include tools, treatment, color, polish removers and an assortment of hand and foot creams.

Cutex was kind enough to send me some of their new Care+Color nail polish line. It includes 21 vibrant nail colors that are formulated to condition and protect nails. Each color features a vitamin enriched strengthener and built-in protective base coat. The formula contains Hexanol, which is suppose to strengthen and condition nails.

Plus sides: I like the colors, it applies smoothly, nice applicator, and I was able to get the coverage I like in about 3 coats.
Bad side: At this point in my life (with young children), I need quick dry. It took more time that I had for these to dry (almost two hours before it was hard enough not to dent). Once they dried, you are good, but it's getting there that's half the battle.

I tried the Bashful Kiss color with reminds me of a soft cotton candy pink. It's a great Summer color to add a pop of color.

The polishes go for about $5.59 a piece and you can find them on on

Beware of the Blaze and Flower Pout
Pop The Prosecco and Bashful Kiss


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