Friday, March 17, 2017

Honest Beauty Truly Kissable Lip Kit

Review by Lisa VanWilliams
Move over Kylie, and check out these all natural high-quality lip kits from Honest Beauty. Spring arrives on Monday and the changing of the seasons is a great time to switch up your beauty regime. Honest Beauty was kind enough to send me over this new launch to check out for myself.This is a new limited edition that features a 1 all-purpose balm and two anti-oxidant rich lip crayons. It was also voted Best of Beauty Award Winner for Allure 2016 Editor picks.

The first lip crayon color is a demi-matte called Honey Kiss and it's a perfect soft nude, the second color is a sheer called Raspberry Kiss and it's a pop of fuchsia pink. The Honey Kiss is a little light in color for me (I am fair skinned right now and it makes me look washed out), but the Raspberry kiss is perfect. It's got a great sexy shimmer to it and it's not overly bright. The perfect hint of color. The lip crayons look like mock pencils but they have a twist colored end to that you turn like a regular lipstick to push up more color. No sharpening needed. 

The Magic Balm can be used anywhere, just avoid eye contact. The balm is a mix of organic fruit and botanical oils created to soften and soothe. There's not much of a smell to it and it's great to apply to your lips and just rub the rest into your hands. It absorbs fast and leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized. This is a really nice kit and worth check out!

The Honest Beauty lip kit is selling for $28 ($54 dollars in value) and it's available at:


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