Thursday, January 19, 2017

Fizz & Bubble - Cupcake Bath Fizzies

Review by Lisa VanWilliams
Keep your resolutions and diet on track while still treating yourself to something sweet like these adorable cupcakes and bath treats from Fizz & Bubble. These bath fizzies are all natural treats made in the USA. They are a blend of essential oils that include: aloe vera, coconut, grapeseed, sweet almond, olive, avocado, sunflower, and jojoba.

They sell a delectable menu of bath milkshakes, truffles, and cupcakes, large and small bath fizzies, (which are the same as bath balls), bubble bath, sugar scrubs, bath salts, and body creams.

The cupcakes have a foaming shea frosting butter that will crumble apart in your hands under the water, then toss the bottom portion of the cupcake in the water to activate the fizz. The cupcakes are available in 13 flavors for $10 each at Ulta locations nationwide ( You can also find out more about the company and order online here:

They were kind enough to send me some cupcakes to check for myself. My kids have been dying to get into the bath to use these. So, mommy had to hide one. They smell incredible and I had to tell my son you can't eat them because he was going to take a bite out of one.

The truffles also look like a really awesome box of decadent chocolates if your looking for a treat on Valentine's Day with no calories. $20 for an assorted 9-pack of foaming fizzies.

All natural, no parabens, no animal testing.

Truffle Box (Image above courtesy of Fizz & Bubble)