Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Cotton Candy Grapes

If you have been seeing your Facebook feed blow up with pictures and people talking about cotton candy grapes you might be curious. I was. I found some last night at Whole Foods in Connecticut and they are fabulous as everyone says they are. They really taste like cotton candy and it's mind-blowing. I have been passing them out to strangers to try and they are floored. Now's the time to try them as they are only in season mid-August through September! They are grown in Kern and Tulare counties out in California.

Are they genetically modified you ask? No! They are not, they are completely natural. They are a result of cross-pollinating different grape species by hand. They try thousands of combinations but only a few hit the excellent mark and are brought to market. They are not injecting each grape with some cotton candy flavoring or putting it in the soil.

They cotton candy grapes (20%)do contain a little more natural sugar than regular table grapes (17%), but they are still packed with nutrients. They have other flavors as well like gums drops, moon drops, tear drops, and more.

They sell for around $4.49 a pound. You can find out more about the cotton candy grapes and other flavors they have here:

These are currently being sold in Connecticut at various locations in these stores (you can always call before you go to check if they have them in stock): Big Y, Sam's Club, Whole Foods, Stop and Shop, The Fresh Market, and Fresh Direct.

To find a location near you that sells them, you can check here:


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