Monday, March 7, 2016

Fusion Beauty

Review by Lisa VanWilliams
Fusion Beauty has been creating cutting-edge multifunctional treatment cosmetics for over 10 years now. Stylewatch Magazine recently asked celeb makeup artist Joanna Simkin which colors every women should have as part of their lipstick wardrobe, and "Fusion Plump and Shine Lipstick" was on the list.

Fusion Beauty offers Stimu.Lash treatments, Insta.Lash color (mascara), Stimu.Lip treatments, Insta.Lip Color (lipsticks, glosses), Stimu.Lift treatments, & Insta.Lift color (primers, bronzers, & blush).

You can find Fuson Beauty at a few Connecticut locations, and a bunch of NYC locations. To find out more about Fusion Beauty, the closest store, or to order online, please go to:

We tried out some of their products and I like them. The glosses and lipsticks remind me of Lip Venom if you have ever tried it, but the Fusion line scores higher with reviewers. It makes your lips tingle while it's plumping them up. The LipFusion InFATuation comes in a nice little black and clear case and we tried In the Flesh which is a great nude day color. It's high gloss, and it feels good on the lips. The applicator has a tiny brush on the end instead of your typical swab type.

The Plump + Shine lipsticks come in a rainbow of great colors. We tried Pillow Talk for a light neutral day color and Peep Show for a mauve rose night shimmer look.

Try out the Lash Fusion XXL Mascara if you need extreme volume without the clumping and flaking. I think it's a hidden gem and most people don't know about this mascara that will create dramatic eye-popping eyes. The wand has great dimension so you can get all your lashes, it applies easily, and it looks awesome with only a few coats. Overall, we really like these products and would recommend trying them out.

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