Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sumo Oranges

These are soooo gooooood!! They are huge. I bought a couple of these because people were surrounding them in the store, plus they looked oddly peculiar and I was curious. They are called Sumo Oranges because of their size and they have a huge odd looking "top-knot" on them. These are a cross between a mandarin and a California navel orange. Sumo oranges are a hybrid originated out of Japan (they are known as Dekopon there), and they are now grown in California. They are easy to peel, they are super sweet, no seeds, and they have a great texture. But $8 for two oranges is something you won't want to wrestle with often. We found them at Whole Foods in Milford,CT.

To find out what stores you can find these in, please go to:

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