Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fat vs Muscle

By Steve VanWilliams
So you want to loose weight. When we say “weight” we really mean that jiggly, ugly stuff called “body fat”. The bad thing is when we weigh ourselves, it does not say what we are loosing. You need your muscles. Muscles BURN fat, fat does not BURN fat. Most “diets” alone only promote muscle loss and not fat loss. Atkins made a fortune off this. Strip your muscles ( which are more dense and weigh more) and hey guess what? You lost weight FAST. As you can see from the picture they are not equal. 5 lbs of fat is 3 times the size and volume of muscle. So here are a few points to help you out and lose that body fat.
  • It takes time! You can’t rush it There is are NO HEALTHY short cuts 
  • 3,500 calories = 1 lbs of fat 
  • You have to burn or eat 3,500 calories less than your  intake to lose 1lbs of fat
  • You can only on average at max eat less than 500 calories per day of your daily intake, otherwise     you will burn muscle and not body fat 
  • Hence why you cant starve yourself to loose 
  • Eat small meal 5 - 6 times a day 
  • Hit the weights! weights build dense, strong muscles, which burn body fat

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