Friday, September 18, 2015

Special Dinner

By Lisa VanWilliams
Tonight I met a young couple celebrating their anniversary and the husband wanted to recreate a Parisian Honeymoon lamb dinner they had eaten. We made a five course dinner with a variety of flavors, and I believe they were very pleased. I am not a lamb eater, but this was really good. I always make sure to try the dishes I make if I can without interfering with their presentation. It might need more salt & pepper, or you might need to kick the quantity of the spices up a notch. Some people like lots of flavor, and some people like subtle hints. I try to ask specific questions as a Personal Chef about what they like, and do the best I can based on my own personal taste, food experiences and their preferences.

1st Course
Napoleon of Heirloom Tomatoes With Mozzarella & Goat Cheese
Recipe from:

It's just a fancy smancy Caprese with goat cheese. I added some olive oil to the recipe and avocados. Extra balsamic too cause they didn't add enough. 

2nd Course
Mixed Greens with Greek Vinaigrette
Recipe from:

She asked me for the recipe, so I left it there along the with the leftover dressing. SCORE! I added some Heirloom tomatoes, and spicy green olives.

3rd Course
Pistachio Crusted Rack of Lamb
Recipe from:

Ok. I don't eat lamb but I would probably eat this. I'm confused too. VERY good.

Spicing it up

Pan seared
Pistachio Crusted Lamb Rack

4th Course
Asparagus, Red Pepper, & Spinach with Goat Cheese
Recipe from:

Tasty side that could be served with a variety of dishes.

Add to bed of spinach and top with Goat cheese

5th Course
Creme Brulee
Recipe from: Dr. Orteker and Me :)

I like Creme Brulee and I have ordered many over the years. If you make it like this, it's slamming and you will achieve Rock Star status. I have seen a few bad reviews on this brand, but they were just amateurs doing it wrong. When you serve this, they will be guessing and thinking you were whipping cream and scraping vanilla beans all day. NOT. Follow the directions on the box....when it's simmering add a few drops of vanilla. Once the Brulee has cooled off, I always add extra sugar on top before I broil it because they never give you enough (I use organic sugar sprinkled on top). Broil it 2x longer than they recommend until it bubbles a dark brown. I made some raspberries into the shape of a heart ♥ Put it in the fridge to chill AT LEAST a few hours before you eat it.
P.S. I found these cute heart bowls at the Christmas Tree Shop for under $1.50 each...I did not want to serve them in aluminum foil for their special day!. Little things that make a difference, when they get to the bottom of the dessert bowl - forethought.

Click here to find out what stores sell this Dr. Oetker mix:

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