Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fair Artisans

By Lisa VanWilliams
Fall is slowly creeping in to chill the air and the leaves on the sleepy trees are just starting the feel long days of Summer come to an end. It's Fair time in New England and there is something going on in a 60+ mile radius over the next few weeks: The San Gennaro Fest in NYC, The Big E in Mass, The Durham Fair, The Orange County Fair, The Irish Festival, Four Town Fair, The Berlin Fair, & The Riverton Fair, just to name a few.

It's a great time to get out and explore either alone or with family. There are tons to do at these fairs for a cheap price and there's something there for everyone. One of my favorite things to do is explore the local artisans, farmers, and crafty finds. Today I picked out two local Connecticut businesses to show you what unique items they make and where you can get them.

Did you know if you hang a horseshoe over your door it's suppose to bring good luck and ward off the evil eye?

Jack's Fancy Shoes (Orange, Connecticut) - does custom beaded horse shoes from recycled shoes and they are beautiful.You can pick your favorite glass or stone bead colors, send them a charm you would like added, or add your horses names for over a stall. They start around $25 and over depending on how fancy you want to get. You can order and view their website from here:

Guardians Farm (Southbury, Connecticut) - it's a Nigerian Dwarf Goat farm and they sell goat milk soaps, lotions, sugar & salt scrubs, and lip balms "handmade in small batches". I took a liking to the soaps which are cured for 7-8 weeks after they make them. They have a nice variety of scents and the price was $6. You can order and view their website from here:

Did you ever consider using Goat's milk soap as a healthier alternative than store brand soaps? There are a few reasons why.

  1. It's loaded with essential oils and nutrients and it has incredible moisturizing abilities because there is a high content of alpha hydroxy. It naturally makes your skin appear smoother and more youthful without harsh chemical additives.
  2. It has a high fat content so it's a great anti-inflammatory for damaged skin.
  3. It is great for treating acne because goat's milk has anti-bacterial properties that delay the growth of microbial organisms.  
  4. It can help relieve eczema and psoriasis 

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