Thursday, September 3, 2015

Easy Stromboli Bread

By Lisa VanWilliams

Last night I made a few of these for a client and they smelled incredible. They would be great to make if you are having people over for the Labor Day weekend. They are easy to throw together and you can use any combo of meats or veggies you like. This is a loaf style but you can also do bite size appetizer version which you can view how to make here:

Pick up Pillsbury puffed pastry sheets (2 in a box). We used a combo of salami, pepperoni, danish ham, swiss cheese, american cheese, green olives with pimiento, and some roasted red peppers. Let the pastries thaw out, open them up and start layering.  Once you are done you can cut diagonal slits in the side dough and do a little cross twist to seal up the bread. Cover in egg wash and bake about 20 mins or so until it turns a golden brown. Enjoy!

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