Saturday, October 28, 2017

Osmotics Colour Verite Discovery Collection

Help fight the signs of aging. Osmotics has a full range of anti-aging skincare to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The Colour Verite Discovery Collection offers sheer colors to to enhance skin tone, not cover it. It is a five piece set and it's all liquid as opposed to powder.

I have never used all liquid before, so this was a new experience for me. I had the impression I was not going to like it because I was going to feel tacky by the end. Surprisingly, it's not tacky at all. It's a very natural look, and the simple steps make it easy to do on the run. It's not as long of a commitment as powder is to apply. Overall, I was impressed by the collection.

The Discovery Collection goes for $98 and it comes in light, medium, or deep. I tried the medium and it was a good match. It comes in a cute shiny purple bag wrapped in purple tissue paper and contains the following:

Inner Light Bio Defense Primer - Blurs lines and imperfections
Real Skin Flawless Facial Tint SPF 45 - Sheer protective tint and sun screen to prevent aging
Concealer and So Much More - conceal under-eye discoloration and even skin tone (will not settle in fine lines)
Radiance Illuminating Blush - Natural fruit extracts to enhance radiance and fight signs of aging
Healthy Lips Line Smoothing Color - color is called Bare only Better and its moisture rich to hydrate and plump for fuller looking lips

To find out more about the brand or order online, please go to:

The brand can also be found at Nordstrom and Soft Surroundings around Connecticut.

I liked the product, but for $98 I think it's an expensive price tag for a natural look. Call me old school, but I like my powders.

Thanks Osmotics for sending this over!

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