Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Mermaid Pillow Co.

Take a break from the fidget spinner and get your sequins pillow out! Right now these reversible sequins pillows are really popular. You can draw on them with your finger to create pictures or words. The mermaid pillow is recommended for ages 4 and up. I love it myself and find it fun and relaxing. The sequins are hand-sewn and these are high quality pillows that will add a splash of color and fun to any room.

These pillows are also great for helping with children with autism-related and other sensory-related issues. They pillows are described by customers as "calming" or "relaxing". The company also donates $5 to Autism Speaks for every Accept, Understand, and Love Pillow that is purchased.

The pillows come individually wrapped and they have tons of options to pick from. Mermaid Pillow carries adult decorative pillows along with adorable kids pillows decorated with dinosaurs, dragons, bunnies, fairies and more. Prices range from $19.99 to around $43 depending on which ones you pick (free shipping). These are a little more expensive than the one's from Walmart, but they are way better quality and you will feel the difference right away. These would also make a great gift.

Mermaid Pillow Co. is a family-owned business outside of Omaha, Nebraska. There were kind enough to send me over a few pillows to check out for myself and my kids. They are wonderful quality pillows and my kids were totally excited to get their hands on them. We were actually at the mall the other day and my daughter was playing with a reversible sequin shirt she did not want to leave, so I was looking forward to giving them the pillows as a surprise!

To find out more about Mermaid Pillow Co. and check out all the styles they offer, please go to:

Thanks Mermaid Pillow Co.!

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