Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Nu Evolution Cosmetics

Review by Lisa VanWilliams
Sandra and Nadine started Nu Evolution because they believe people should be able to look stylishly fabulous without putting your health at risk. The two New York fashion mavens launched their green line of natural and organic cosmetics in 2014. The duo has combined backgrounds of business, marketing, fashion, culinary, & interior design and together they were inspired to create these high quality beauty products. They offer lipsticks, lip gloss, bronzer, camo cream, pressed & loose powder foundations, complete coverage foundation, mascara, and pressed blush.
They also state the following on their webpage, "The most shocking truth that we have learned on our journey is that your skin absorbs more than 60% of what is applied topically; whether it's your makeup, lotion, shampoo, soap, deodorant, etc. This means your pores are drinking up a toxic cocktail that goes directly into your bloodstream."

Check your beauty products and look for toxic ingredients. Nu Evolution goes over some of the toxins to watch out for in other products on their website. Nasty things like parabens, artificial dyes, and formaldehyde to name a few. Nu Evolution offers a sophisticated seasonal color palettes, great packaging, and they allow you to continue a healthy lifestyle from the outside in. Plus, they are cruelty-free, with gluten free, & vegan-friendly options.

Sandra and Nadine were kind enough to send me a few of their awesome products to check out for myself. I looked at the Lip Glosses in colors Fig & Riviera. The glosses go for $28 each. Fig is one of their best sellers. It's a plum lip gloss with a hint of gold shimmer and it's a great anytime of day color to wear. The gloss lasted a little longer than I expected and it even made it through the morning coffee. Most glosses don't last the first cup. Riviera is a sunrise melon lip gloss with a splash of peach and lot of shine, easy to see why it's another best seller. It's very natural and light and adds a subtle sexy appeal to your lips. They have 18 colors in total to pick from. They also offer 13 different colored lipsticks that go for $30 a piece. The glosses are moisturizing and they go on smoothly without feeling tacky.

My pick of the bunch is the eyeshadow color St. Tropez, which is an exotic sand eyeshadow with an exquisite shimmer. Its looks lovely in the sunlight and it looks especially good with nice tan skin. The eyeshadows go for $25 each. I even did some yard work with the eyeshadow on and it did not crease or move at all in mid 80 temps....almost waterproof....impressive! Really loving the longevity and color :) They have 16 colors in total to pick from in matte or shimmering metallic options.

I also tried the defining and volumizing mascara in black. It goes for $28. It has a nice thick brush to achieve a luxurious glam look. It's not flaky and it took me a few coats to get the fuller look I like. It lasted all day.

Great organic cosmetics I would recommend if you want to be beautiful without the junk.

All products are made in the U.S.A.

To find out more about Nu Evolution or order some items, please go to:

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