Monday, March 28, 2016

Moroccan Mosaic Lamps & Lanterns

By Lisa VanWilliams
When I was in San Juan last week, I fell in love with these Moroccan Mosaic Lamps I saw when we were strolling past some shops in Old San Juan. They have a magical appeal to them and my eyes were immediately drawn to these beautiful pops of light. They are hand-blown glass globes made with intricate beading and they come in a variety styles whether your looking for chandelier, desk lamp, or lantern. I love the look of Bohemian styles mixed together and a Moroccan touch adds some flare to any room or atmosphere. They add an exotic alluring glow and they are sure to draw the eye. The light filters through the intricate cutwork patterns and colored glass, and creates a beautiful "starry" canopy. We picked out a few of our favorites and where you can find them.

Mosaic Table Lamp in Blues, Swan Neck $165.00

Moroccan Mosaic Chandelier $147.95

Turkish Mosiac Handmade Lamp $149 (customize your own color options)

Moroccan Candle Lantern $6.31 each

A variety of colors can be used to create this beautiful look:

Moroccan Hanging Lamp Collection $198-$298 each

To get more ideas on how to incorporate a Bohemian vibe in your surroundings, we found this great pictorial on Pinterest with 45 different styles:


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