Thursday, December 3, 2015

Multi Flask - Total Hydration System

Product review by Lisa VanWilliams

If you like to switch up what your drinking throughout the day, Multi Flask is a complete 6-in-1 bottle drinking system that gives you flexibility to drink hot and cold beverages - all in this one product. You can use it for healthy fruit-infused drinks, power shakes, smoothies & sports drinks, filtered drinks and all forms of hot & cold beverages. Plus is comes with a glass inner tube if you prefer nontoxic, chemical and BPA free drinking, plus your beverages will taste better.

It comes with a tea strainer, a fruit infuser, agitator (for mixing powdered drinks), a sipper lid, or a sports lid. They offer a 6 bottle system for $39.99 or a 3 bottle system for $26.99. It's a great gift idea for the yoga, fitness, or activity buff.

We have been using this for coffee in the morning. It's only good for one cup, and you better drink it fast because it won't stay hot for long.  It's good for the morning commute. However, it's great to have one option to drink any beverages out of for on the run consumption. If you like infusing your water with lemons, limes, mint, or cucumbers, this is wonderful. I could see using this more in the hotter months, than in the Winter.

Precidio owns Multi Flask and they are based out of Oakville, Ontario.

You can find out more about Multi Flask here:

They sell them at some Bed, Bath, & Beyond & Toys R Us locations, but to find your nearest retailer, please look here:

Photo courtesy of Multi Flask

Photo courtesy of Multi Flask
Photo courtesy of Multi Flask

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